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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SHOWERS OF BLESSING: Choosing Wedding Bubbles for Your Nuptials

By Sandra Sealy

Ever wonder why the Bride and Groom have rice or confetti thrown at them?

This ancient Pagan rite of showering grain is a symbolic gesture of wishing pros
perity, good luck and fertility. The Pagans believed that the fertility of the seeds would be transferred to the couple on whom they fell. In the Orient, where rice-throwing originated, the custom was followed in the hope of achieving the same results. In Italy, confetti-with the same root as the word “confectionery”-was used to describe sweetmeats (i.e. grain and nuts coated with sugar). For awhile, small pieces of coloured paper or even flower petals made an inexpensive (and probably less painful) replacement for sweetmeats. This popular tradition is practically extinct since churches, registry offices, wedding halls and wedding co-ordinators don’t quite appreciate the mess left to clean up.

This custom may just survive with the i
ntroduction of wedding bubbles. This miniature wedding favour not only provides an environmentally safe (or should I say the buzzword “green”?) alternative, but also add a fun and memorable touch to your wedding.

Bottle designs vary: flacons, flowers, mini wine bottles, animals, chapels and even wedding cakes. Many wedding specialists st
ock them. Of course, they can be ordered directly from the Internet.


DO note that regular bubbles won’t suffice! Wedding bubble solution is different from regular bubble solution - meaning the dyes are different and the bubbles are “dry”. They are specifically made to prevent staining and circling. You can perform a wedding bubble “test” by blowing them directly on tissue from 2-3 inches away. The tissue should remain dry.

DO personalize them by adding labels, ribbons, tulle and flowers to match your theme colour.

DO let your photographer/videographer capture the moment. Imagine how magical tiny iridescent spheres encircling you and your new spouse will look! It is advisable that you let your photographer know beforehand so they can be prepared. During your planning, let your Co-ordinator assign a family member to cue the photographer on your wedding day.

DO remember that timing is everything. The best time for the bubbles is upon exiting the church and/or departing from the reception en route to the honeymoon.

DO remember to have your Co-ordinator/Attendants remind guests not to blow them directly at you or on the pavement or floor. If guests stand too close to you to blow bubbles, it is likely you will both get wet. A little caution and common sense should prevail with regard to the flooring or pavement. If you use indoors on a marble floor, the residue could build up and make the surface slick. You could include a brief note about using the bubbles safely in the wedding programme.

DO note if you don’t have enough in your budget for all your guests, let your Attendants or close family members do the honours. **Budget Booster

DO be creative. One couple who married in New Jersey grabbed two bottles and blew them at passers-by as they travelled to their honeymoon venue in their carriage.

Copyright © Sandra Sealy, 1999

*Sandra Sealy is an award-winning Caribbean freelance writer of articles, poetry, fiction, drama and web content, enjoys writing about weddings. In 2007, this writer from Barbados exclusively covered the Caribbean society wedding of Bizzy & Shelly Williams. Sandra is the Creator of Conch Shell Weddings and Seawoman's Caribbean Writing Opps.

Designers: find this article useful? Scroll down to the Copyright Statement below।

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Caribbean...The Ultimate Destination Wedding

Dear Bride:

Picture this.

Melodic strains of piano and vocals or live poetry with jazz, gently herald your entrance as you glide forward - your gossamer-like veil wafting from balmy breezes - to your new life with your nattily attired husband-to-be.

You are relaxed because every detail of your dreamy Caribbean destination wedding has been double checked by your efficient wedding planner.

Before you left home, you've done your research. You've even ensured that your special memories and registry are captured in your wedding website.

While flashbulbs pop, you hear gasps of delight as your well-wishers admire your gorgeous gown, designed just for you.
Happy tears don't mar your perfect make up as you inhale the fresh scent of the tropical blooms of your gorgeous bouquet and floral topiaries lining your aisle.

You know that your guests were personally met at the airport . They are not only pleased by the wide range of comfortable accommodation, activities and night life as they explore the island, but are also impressed by the hospitality and rich culture. Now they sway to infectious steel pan rhythms, as they sip rum cocktails or fruit juice and nibble on sumptuous cuisine at your beautifully decorated reception venue. They are only too pleased to keep the pledge of "dancing at your wedding".

You smile to yourself, anticipating being alone at last with your new husband-whisked away in the air-conditioned comfort of your luxury auto. The destination? Your sun-drenched love nest- romantic villa, luxury hotel, apartment hotel or guest house - is ready to warmly receive you for a perfect honeymoon. Who knows? Maybe you'll sunbathe, cruise or island hop; if you can tear yourselves away from the marital bed!

If this matches, even a tiny part of your dream wedding, YOU are truly a CONCH SHELL WEDDING Bride!

Warmly welcoming you,

Sandra Sealy
Conch Shell Weddings

Copyright © Sandra Sealy, 2008